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Marantz 2100 + Marantz 1090

Published on: 29 марта 2010

Раздел: Wieże
Производитель: Marantz
Created by: audiofilek PL



Retail Price 240
Resale Value 110
Designed in USA
Manufactured In Japan
First Year 1977
Last Year 1978
Matching Tuners 2100,2110,2120,2130
Rack Mount Optional
Wood Case WC-110?, WC-10
Silver Face Yes
Channels Two
Speaker Connections Two
Chassis Ground Binding Post
AC Switch Yes
Fusing 3.5 amp on rear deck
Switched AC Outlets Two
Unswitched AC Outlets Two
Power Consumption 300 watts
Special Option 1 RHA1 Rack Mount Adaptors

Width 16 1/2
Height 5 3/4
Depth 11 3/4
Weight 19.8 lbs

RMS Power Per Channel 45x2 @ 8 ohms, 57x2 @ 4 ohms
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) 0.1% @ 45, 0.1% @ 57
Power Bandwidth 20 hz to 20 khz

Single Bass Adjustment Yes
Single Midrange Adjustment Yes
Single Treble Adjustment Yes
Tone Control Defeat Yes
High Filter Yes
Gain Control Yes
Loudness Contour Yes
Mono Yes
Balance Slider
Number of Tape Monitors Two
Auxillary Input Source Yes
Phono Input Source Yes
2nd Phono Input Source Yes
Tuner Source Input Yes
Source Tape Input (as opposed to a tape monitor) Yes
2nd Source Tape input (as opposed to a tape monitor) Yes
Tape Monitor Yes
2nd Tape monitor Yes
Preamp to Amplifier Jumper(s) Yes
Headphone Jack(s) Yes
Speaker Selection Nomenclature System 1, 2


Description AM FM tuner, bottom of series of five units
Rarity Findable
Retail Price 280
Designed in USA
Manufactured In Japan
First Year 1977
Last Year 1980
Matching Preamplifiers 3250,3250b,3650
Matching Amplifiers 170DC,300DC
Matching Integrated Amplifiers 1300dc,1260dc,1180dc,1152dc,1122dc,(1090� not extruded)
Rack Mount Optional
Wood Case WC-136
Silver Face Yes, extruded
Channels Two
Tube Design None
AC Switch Yes
Fusing Rear Deck
Unswitched AC Outlets One
Power Consumption 23 watts
Special Option 1 RHA1 Rack Mount Adaptors

Panel Width 16 3/8ths
Panel Height 5 3/4ths
Width 16 1/2
Height 5 1/2
Depth 9 3/8ths
Weight 13.2 lbs, 15.4 lbs packed

FM Tuner
Gyro Tuning Yes
RF Sensitivity 1.8 uV
300 Ohm Binding Posts Yes
75 Ohm Binding Posts Yes
50 dB quieting sensitivity, Stereo 40 uV
50 dB quieting sensitivity, Mono 2.5 uV
THD, Mono 0.15%
THD, Stereo 0.30%
Signal to Noise Ratio, Mono 74 dB @ 64 dBf (1000 uV)
Signal to Noise Ratio, Stereo 65 dB @ 64 dBf (1000 uV)
Frequency Response +0.2, -1.5 dB 30 Hz to 15 kHz
Hum and Noise 72 dB @ 65 dBf
Capture Ratio 1.0 dB @ 1000 uV
IF Image Rejection 60 dB
IF Rejection 80 dB
Stereo Subcarrier Rejection 60 dB
Alternate Channel Selectivity (wide or normal) 070 dB
Spurious Rejection 90 dB
AM Carrier Rejection 50 dB
Stereo Separation at 1 kHz 45 dB
Carrier Suppression 50 dB
Mono Switch Yes
Signal Strength Meter Yes
Center Tuning Meter Yes
Stereo Lamp Yes
FM Mode Lamp Yes (LED\'s)
Muting Switch Yes
25 uS Deemphasis Switch (Dolby Associated) (Some models)
Quadradial Output (FM Discriminator output, unequalized) Yes
Illuminated Dial Pointer Yes

AM Tuner
AM Mode Lamp Yes
RF Sensitivity 15 uV
Alternate Channel Selectivity 46 dB
IF Rejection 40 dB
Image Rejection 45 dB
THD 0.5% @ 30% modulation
Signal to Noise Ratio 50 dB
Spurious Response Rejection 60 dB
Signal Strength Metering Yes
External Ferrite Antenna Yes
Antenna binding Posts Yes

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