Accuphase P-102

Published on: 22 June 2010

Manufacturer: Accuphase
Created by: audiofilek PL


Accuphase P 102 Class A

(1987-1996) Amplifier

Form Stereo power amplifier
Output power (both channel operation)
20Hz - 20kHz, 0.02% of a distortion 2ohm load: 70 W/ch
4ohm load: 80 W/ch
8ohm load: 50 W/ch
16ohm load: 25 W/ch
(20Hz - 20kHz, both channel operation) 2-4ohm load: 0.02%
8-16ohm load: 0.01%
IM distortion 0.003%
Frequency response
At the time of a continuation average output Volume maximum: 20Hz-20kHz+0 -0.2 dB
At the time of 1W output Volume maximum: 0.5Hz-200kHz+0 -3.0 dB
Volume 6dB: 0.5Hz-80kHz+0 -3.0 dB
Profit 28.0dB
Load impedance 2ohm-16ohm
Dumping factor 70
Input sensitivity (8-ohm load) At the time of a continuation average output: 0.8V
At the time of 1W output: 0.11V
Input impedance Balance: 40kohm
Disequilibrium: 20kohm
S/N ratio (A-compensation)
At the time of input short-circuit and a continuation average output Balanced input: 120dB
Unbalanced input: 112dB
At the time of input 1kohm and 1W output Balanced input: 100db
Unbalanced input: 96dB
Power output meter A logarithm compression type, -40dB-+3dB, and an output Direct-reading scale
The semiconductor used Transistor: 81 pieces
FET: 16 pieces
IC: Eight pieces
Diode: 89 pieces
Power source 100V/117V/220V/240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption At the time of no inputting: 245W
Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law: 255W
At the time of an 8ohm load Output power: 300W
Dimensions Width 475x height 170x depth of 408mm
Weight 22kg

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