Here are some tips on how to easily and quickly make a good quality picture:

     Well lit room; preferably by day using sunlight (light from conventional lamp does not give a good effect).
     Stand at the camera; if we do not have, you can put the camera eg. on a stool so that stood there.
     Pictures do with a self-timer, it will take a little more time, but to avoid disturbance during the session.
     In addition, remember to turn off the lamp, the most common low-cost devices is poor quality lamp integrated into the camera. Light from the lamp is almost always strongly reflected from the surface of the metal, glass, etc., Which makes a lot of unwanted reflections.

Let us remember that there are tips for professional shooting. We know that every day is a bit in a hurry, and take pictures often takes a lot of time. By following the above tips you are sure that the pictures will be at least satisfactory.

Much also depends on the camera, the better the body, lens, flash the pictures nicer - you know. However, not everyone has a home DSLR + good quality lens for a few thousand dollars.


Good luck
We wish you a successful photo session